Block 811118: Important News of the Week

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Block 811118: Important News of the Week

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Mining stats

  • The Bitcoin network's hashrate (7 day MA) is currently reaching 415 EH/s.
  • Bitcoin mining difficulty had a small upwards adjustment t0 57.32T (+0.35%).

Lightning stats

  • The Lightning network's capacity has gone up by ~850 BTC, reaching 5338 BTC and thus returning near its all-time highs.
  • Despite the increase, the network now has almost 500 fewer nodes (-3.6%), while the number of channels remains largely unchanged (-0.3%).

Nostr stats

  • There are now almost 576k users on Nostr, according to
  • According to Nostr.Band stats, the number of daily active Nostr users remains above 9000, while the number of weekly active Nostr users remains above 21000.