Unchained Introduced Its Enterprise Collaborative Custody Network

Unchained announced a partnership with Coincover and introduced its collaborative custody network aimed at private wealth and enterprises.

Unchained Introduced Its Enterprise Collaborative Custody Network
  • "Today we’re introducing the enterprise collaborative custody network: a completely new form of custody for securing private wealth and enterprise bitcoin holdings, available now."
  • "Finally, a bitcoin-exclusive form of enterprise custody, where no single company can lose your bitcoin."
"Unchained’s collaborative custody solution enables bitcoin holders to have their private keys distributed among several entities, therefore assuring them that their bitcoin is not being rehypothecated or misused by institutions."
  • "Vaults built on this network rewrite the rules of bitcoin custody for significant bitcoin holdings."

"In partnership with @Coincoverglobal and @KingdomTrustCo, now you can:

  • Hold no keys: Hire 3 best-in-class enterprise key agents to collaborate in the security of your bitcoin.
  • Hold 1 or more keys: Actively participate in the security of your own bitcoin by controlling 1 or more keys.
  • Reduce counterparty risk: Eliminate any single institution as a point of failure for the bitcoin."
"With both Kingdom Trust and Coincover as key custodian partners, Unchained clients have the assurance that even if one of them fails, they will still have access to their bitcoin. Clients can even choose to hold one or more of these keys, which lets them guarantee that the bitcoin is not being rehypothecated."
  • "The announcement of our partnership with Coincover is the first of many enterprise partners we’ve already signed up to the collaborative custody network."
  • "Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing the very first qualified custody product built on this network. We will be sharing more soon."
  • "If your company would like to participate in this revolutionary form of bitcoin custody, reach out to our team here."

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