Stacker.News Added Nostr Crossposting, Quote Replies & More is like but pays you in bitcoin.

Stacker.News Added Nostr Crossposting, Quote Replies & More
  • "PR merging vacation: Take a knee contributors. PRs for new features will not be merged (by me at least) until I finish personalized feeds. Please continue to send in PRs, it just might be slightly slower turnaround than usual," said @k00b.
  • "Please shout loud about any bugs you find!"

What's new

  • Rewards update. "Rewards are now random. Every night I give a cowboy a bottle whiskey and he flips a coin. If it lands on heads, we reward the top 33% of posts/comments. If it lands on tails, we reward the zappers of the top 33% of posts/comments."
  • Nostr crossposting (via @bitcoinplebdev).
    - requires nip-07 extension
    - only applies to discussions currently (more is planned)
    - you can set it to repost on a per post basis (in the options pane) or default to crossposting in settings
  • Symmetric lud-18 (via @WeAreAllSatoshi). "You can now optionally send identifying information when you make a lightning address withdrawal ... assuming the receiver's wallet supports it. You can also receive such information when someone sends to your lightning address."
  • Quote replies (via @WeAreAllSatoshi).
    - in the overflow aka ... for items you can now quote the item you're replying to by hitting quote reply
    - if you haven't highlighted text in the parent, it will quote the full item
    - if you have highlighted text in the parent, it will only quote what you've highlighted
    - if you have highlighted text in the parent and hit reply it will also quote it
  • Mention autocompletes (via @WeAreAllSatoshi). "It's like it sounds ... when you hit @ sn attempts to help you find your boo."
  • Date range selection in search (via @rleed).
  • Full url search with the url: filter (via @rleed)
  • Changes to my changes of images (via @ekzyis). "He'll have the last change."
  • "Kind of a small one ... but when you switch over to preview, you no longer lose your cursor position in the original text."
  • "We also squeezed in more push notification types. Everything except job updates now have a corresponding push notification"

Other fairly recent updates include LNURL-pay comment support, jit/anon rewards donations, ability to mute accounts and subscriptions to posts/comments, among other things.

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