Smart Vaults for Testnet Available on iOS Testflight

"Smart Vaults are miniscript-based, P2TR Bitcoin wallets that use Nostr to coordinate metadata and PSBTs. Users create a single “account” (mnemonic) with the mobile app, and that key is used for both Nostr events and Bitcoin transactions."

Smart Vaults for Testnet Available on iOS Testflight
  • "If you would like to experiment with Smart Vaults on the Bitcoin testnet, download “Smart Vaults” from TestFlight here."
  • "You can invite other users to participate in collaborative custody vaults."
  • "There are vault templates for decaying multisig, social recovery, and others, and there’s also an advanced miniscript policy builder using drag-and-drop shapes."
"Since we use P2TR, we can technically support multisig wallets up to hundreds (prob 999) signers. When we launch the main net app, we want to set the record for the World’s Largest Human Multisig and submit the results to Guinness."
  • "Join the Smart Vaults telegram channel to share npubs or for support here."

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