Drivechains: From A Bitcoin Miners' Perspective

"In order to discuss the incentives that miners face, we need to understand the core business models that miners deploy and the directional unit economics across the standard set of inputs."

Drivechains: From A Bitcoin Miners' Perspective
  • "Drivechains themselves are not the problem necessarily. It’s the subsequent consequences that can pose challenges and the disregard of current network limitations. While they may increase revenue, they also introduce existential risks to the businesses, placing bitcoin miners on a more challenging trajectory."
"While drivechains can drive additional revenue to Bitcoin, this addition of judgment to the protocol is deeply risky, and is trading short-term revenue for potential long-term consequences which remain largely unknown. This is simply not a wise trade off."
  • "We cannot advocate for adoption while simultaneously closing ourselves off to fresh solutions. Nevertheless, it is vital to maintain a critical perspective when considering the potential long-term impacts of any changes on the network, all while staying grounded in the realities of the current state of the network."

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