Amethyst v0.79.2: Performance Updates, Mute Words, Immersive Scrolling

Amethyst is a free and open source Nostr client for Android.

Amethyst v0.79.2: Performance Updates, Mute Words, Immersive Scrolling

Some of the latest Amethyst updates include:

v0.79.2: Performance updates

  • Fixes the repeat payment requests on zaps when the NWC is not setup.
  • Improves error zap message screens for Material3
  • Uses Lists name/title instead of d-tag on the Top Bar
  • Increases the performance of the Bottom bar's Notification dot calculations
  • Speeds the composition of the Topbar
  • Uses the "host" tag as the creator of the stream.
  • Moves check if the stream is online process to the viewModel scope.
  • Moves many Toasts to the better designed Information Dialogs.
  • Speeds up cold startup.
  • Makes sure shared flows don't suspend.
  • Updates dependencies

v0.78.1: BugFixes and Performance Improvements

v0.78.0 Mute words

v0.77.8 BugFixes and Translation Updates

  • Filters zap payments outside the established min-max parameters on polls.
  • Moves Live streaming video from the top bar to the body of the screen to avoid cancelling the video on immersive scrolling
  • Reduces padding of custom emojis
  • Refactors markdown parser away from the compose Class
  • Fixes inconsistencies in memory management with the LifeCycle object and DispableEffect
  • Speeds up the display of unused hashtags
  • Moves video playback creation to the main thread
  • Fixes profile website URLs without schema (http://, https://, etc)
  • Updated translations for cs/de/sv by @npub1e2yuky03caw4ke3zy68lg0fz3r4gkt94hx4fjmlelacyljgyk79svn3eef
  • Fix crash when editing account with Amber by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5
  • Updates pt-br translations by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5
  • Updates to Chinese and Hungarian translations by @npub1raspu6ag9kfcw9jz0rz4z693qwmqe5sx6jdhhuvkwz5zy8rygztqnwfhd7 and @npub1ww8kjxz2akn82qptdpl7glywnchhkx3x04hez3d3rye397turrhssenvtp

v0.77.7: Immersive scrolling

  • Animates top and bottom bars out of the way when scrolling by @greenart7c3
  • Removes the need for the split payment popup for only one invoice
  • Removes the flickering on chat screens when the bottom bar disappears
  • Fixes video keeps playing in the background bug when pressing the bottom bar twice
  • Moves reaction calls to the viewModelScope
  • Protects against crashing on null contact lists
  • Migrates alt descriptions of NIP-94 and NIP-95 from .content to alt tag
  • Adds a new line limit to the char limit of the Show More button by @davotoula

v0.77.1: Communities, hashtags, and geotags in the Top Bar list

  • Adds communities, hashtags, and geohashes to the lists on the top navigation bar.
  • New Repost profile picture arrangement from @npub1aeh2zw4elewy5682lxc6xnlqzjnxksq303gwu2npfaxd49vmde6qcq4nwx
  • Adds a Zap Split view to the master node in the Thread View
  • Change nav bar color by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5
  • Removes the old user migration from the old preferences database
  • Sets up default reactions to be Rocket, Hugs, Watching and Laughing
  • Starting a Refactoring of LocalCache away from a Singleton instance
  • Fixes blank summaries occupying empty spaces in Long Form content
  • Improvements to the rendering of long-form content
  • Groups notifications by day first to avoid merging multi-day notification events
  • Performance improvements on loading users and calculating reports
  • Disable buttons if terms are not accepted in the Login Screen with Amber by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5
  • Fixes a crash when login with Amber by @npub1w4uswmv6lu9yel005l3qgheysmr7tk9uvwluddznju3nuxalevvs2d0jr5
  • Updates Bengali and Dutch translations
  • Removes the follow/unfollow button from the Zap to User view
  • Performance improvement by moving zap decryption to run in a group, avoiding multiple co-routines per zap
  • Updates Google Play services

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