Obscura VPN Announced: Privacy-by-Design

Obscura aims to be "the first VPN that can’t track your activity or match it to your identity, by design."

Obscura VPN Announced: Privacy-by-Design
  • "I'm BEYOND excited to finally announce Obscura," said Carl Dong on X.
  • "Obscura is a VPN I've been working on that offers Privacy-by-Design and can NEVER track your activity."
"In Obscura, we only control the first hop and use blind third-party relays for the exit hop. The result is that we can never correlate your identity with your traffic as we don’t even see your traffic in the first place!"

Obscura is a VPN that:

1. Has absolutely NO ability to tie your personal information to your browsing activity.

2. Works everywhere: even on restricted networks like your coworking space or local coffee shop.

  • "Obscura is in development! To be first in line when we launch, I hope you'll:

1. Join our tester community on Discord (Matrix Bridge also available), or

2. Join our waitlist (Email w/ optional PGP encryption or Nostr Encrypted DM).

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