Mutiny Wallet v0.4.21: Introducing Gifts

"Introducing Mutiny Gifts: Onboard someone to Bitcoin by simply showing them a QR code. Once they scan the QR code, it will load up Mutiny Wallet on the web, allowing them to redeem the Bitcoin."

Mutiny Wallet v0.4.21: Introducing Gifts
  • "Mutiny Gifts is self-custodial through the whole process. Funds stay in your wallet until the receiver redeems it. You can revoke access at any time if the gift is not claimed. All thanks to the magic of NWC."
  • "Gifts is our first Mutiny+ paid-only feature. Anyone can redeem a gift, but you need to be a paid user or self-hoster to create one."
  • "And because we're MIT open-source software, you may self-host this and get this feature for free! We released our self-hosting guides yesterday."

Mutiny Node v0.4.21

  • A few small bug fixes, one most notably that should help prevent force closures if the LSP has too high of a fee rate.

What's Changed

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