Peach Bitcoin App v0.3.1 and Public API Released

Peach Bitcoin is a KYC-free peer-to-peer Bitcoin marketplace available on Android and iOS.

Peach Bitcoin App v0.3.1 and Public API Released

What's new

  • New payment methods added for your peer2peer trades:

    - Spain > rebellion (username)
    - Italy > PostePay (postpay number)
    - Switzerland, Sweden & Iceland > national bank transfers.
    - Colombia > bancolombia account number fixed.
    - Nigeria > Klassen, Accrue, Wirepay.
  • New country currency: Brazilian Real (via Pix).
  • "Signing your address is now also compatible with Samourai Wallet. And in case you wonder,yes! We are looking into adding support for payouts to paynyms."
  • "Buyers are now sending their encrypted payment data (with the sellers public PGP key) when matching (sellers will be able to see this data in a future release). Those data are readable in case of dispute."
  • RBF upgrades. "By default RBF is only possible if you have a change to deduct more fees from. We relaxed the rule to also allow deduction from the receiving address. The app will warn you, should that be the case!"
  • Switched to @mempool network fee estimation.
  • "If you want to give us us feedback and co-create Peach with us with your ideas, join our Telegram or Discord community groups."

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