Block 817500: Important News of the Week

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Block 817500: Important News of the Week

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Updates and releases

Guides and research

  • BitStream: Decentralized File Hosting Incentivized via Bitcoin Payments
  • Bitcoin Optech #277: Ephemeral Anchors Proposal Update, Miniscript Field Report

Mining stats

  • Bitcoin hashrate (7 day MA) is currently at ~464 EH/s.
  • The next difficulty adjustment is set to occur in less than 1000 blocks or ~7 days.
  • Bitcoin transaction fees skyrocketed again this week, making it a highly profitable period for miners.

Lightning stats

  • Lightning network capacity is currently at 5365 BTC.
  • There are 30 nodes and 400 fewer channels on the network this week, per

Nostr stats

  • There are ~ 18000 new users on the Nostr protocol, per