Nostrasia Hackathon Recap: Winners, Awards & Honorable Mentions

Nostrasia Hackathon 2023 has attracted 120 builders and 37 projects across 3 prize tracks.

Nostrasia Hackathon Recap: Winners, Awards & Honorable Mentions
  • "4 weeks ago we embarked on a bold dream to collaborate with and support a 1 month long tournament in order boost the level of activity on Nostr," wrote Community Manager Dalia.
"Our mission was clear: Onboard new makers into the ecosystem, innovate on bitcoin and lightning, and help new or existing projects incubate their ideas and turn dreams into a reality."
  • "With 120 makers and 37 projects entered across 3 prize tracks, we believe we got pretty close!"
  • "A HUGE thank you to all the projects, mentors and makers that made this event as special as it was - We couldn’t have done it without you!"

Winners and awards

  • Overall winner and Builder's Track: eNuts.
    "eNuts is a strictly typed mobile Cashu wallet that has Lightning support and can connect to multiple mints. A NOSTR integration allows seamless transactions between you and your contacts. The cashu-ts library and SQLite are used to manage the Cashu related features."
  • Marketplaces & Value4Value Track: Shopstr. "Shopstr is a global, decentralized marketplace built on Nostr using Lightning and Cashu."
  • Empower Communities Track: Zapddit.
    "Zapddit is a reddit-style Nostr client with a fresh outlook on Nostr - Follow topics and communities, not just people. Zapddit features a great onboarding wizard that builds your follow list by asking you a series of simple questions."
  • Honorable mention: Nosskey.
    "With Nosskey, by wrapping the Nostr key in the FIDO2 protocol, a.k.a. "Passkey," you can handle your account in a common and well-known way."


  • Joinstr. "Coinjoin implementation using nostr. Joinstr was launched as a proof of concept in August 2022. It uses nostr relays for coordination and written in python."
  • Splitsats. "SplitSats is a proof of concept application that aims to provide users with an easy way to share expenses and settle debts instantly using bitcoin."
  • Xk6-Nostr. "xk6-nostr we are developing provides a load test of nostr using k6. With xk6-nostr, Relay developers can write flexible test scenarios in node.js and integrate them into CI to continuously track performance improvements."
  • Weave DB. "WeaveDB Relay is a Nostr relay with many enhancements powered by a decentralized database and the Arweave permanent storage."
  • Crash Glow. "Crash Glow is a nostr-based web app for publishing and playing games."
  • Nosta. "The antidote for Nostr profile setup anxiety. Goal is to have a micro-app that onboards new Nostriches into the ecosystem as a whole by helping them set up their profiles and exposing them to all the things they can do on Nostr."
  • Formstr. "A FOSS implementation of a form builder on the nostr protocol."
  • Goodstr UI. "The GoodSt(o)r(e). Sell digital goods using Nostr & Lightning protocols."

All hackathon entrants can be found here.

Watch some of the hackathon project presentations and announcement of winners here:

  • "We’ve still got #LegendsofLightning vol.2 Hackathon Tournament going on during November and December 2023! You can still register with your project and win some amazing prizes and follow amazing events, workshops and discussions on our YouTube and Twitter platform!" Post