Fedimint v0.1.4: Bug Fixes, Extending Client Functionality

Fedimint is a module based system for building federated applications. It is designed to be a trust-minimized, censorship-resistant, and private alternative to centralized applications.

Fedimint v0.1.4: Bug Fixes, Extending Client Functionality
  • This release includes "bug fixes and extending client functionality."
  • Disclaimer: "Fedimint is alpha software released under an MIT License and recently cut its 0.1 release. We recommend you run Fedimint on testnets like mutinynet, or on mainnet with small amounts of money."

What's changed

  • [Backport releases/v0.1] feat(mint-client): oob_notes_operation_id by @fedimint-backports in #3423
  • [Backport releases/v0.1] fix(client): retry RPC requests on JsonRpcError::RestartNeeded by @fedimint-backports in #3424
  • [Backport releases/v0.1] feat: cargo nextest support by @fedimint-backports in #3429
  • backport: feat(client): expose BitcoinTransactionData in onchain deposit by @Maan2003 in #3437
  • [Backport] add availability check before paying lightning invoice by @m1sterc001guy in #3444
  • backport: fix: don't limit max number of concurrent requests by @douglaz in #3470
  • [Backport releases/v0.1] fix: Reduce client log levels by @fedimint-backports in #3503
  • backport: feat: trait for NotesSelection in OOB spend by @Maan2003 in #3529
  • chore: use fedimint forks of threshold_crypto & hbbft by @dpc in #3539
  • Backport: Review and fix retry behavior of all state machines by @elsirion in #3566

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