Phoenix Android v2.0.12, iOS v2.0.7 Released

Phoenix is a self-custodial Bitcoin wallet using Lightning to send and receive payments with ease.

Phoenix Android v2.0.12, iOS v2.0.7 Released

What's new (Android)


  • Gracefully handle Android keystore failures at startup, and fall back to manual seed input to unlock the wallet.
    See 945b640 for details.
  • Fixed camera staying online after leaving the scan view. Thanks @kotasjan for the help! See issue #442 for details.
  • Several fixes and improvements. Thanks @MasterixCZ for the Czech localisation fixes.


  • Display the grace-period for pending deposits in the swap-in screen. See #444 for details
  • Fix invalid intents from apps trying to open Phoenix to send a payment.
  • Fix an issue with the reserve that could trigger force-close, see ACINQ/lightning-kmp@6e4bc39.


  • Updated the wording of the migration message in the legacy application. Added a date where some legacy services (swap-in and pay-to-open) will be disabled (November 1st).
  • 2 bug fixes in lightning-kmp.

What's new (iOS)


  • Add button in receive screen to open scanner and read LNURL withdrawals requests.
  • Grace period for swap-ins is now displayed in Wallet Info.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.


  •  Fixed several issues related to background payments reception which would cause LN payments and swaps to fail.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause force-closing.
  • Remove metadata validation when paying through LNURL
  • Several UI improvements.


  • Fixed an issue when paying LNURL address with fiat amounts.
  • Fixed an uncommon issue where swaps could get stuck after migrating from v1 to v2.

GitHub Repo (Android)
App Store Link (iOS)