Fulcrum v1.9.6: Minor Protocol Upgrade

Fulcrum is a fast and nimble SPV server implementation written in 100% modern C++17 using multi-threaded and asynchronous programming techniques.

Fulcrum v1.9.6: Minor Protocol Upgrade
  • "This is a minor protocol upgrade release of Fulcrum. 4 new protocol methods were added (not yet used by any major wallet, but they will be hopefully someday!)."
  • "Additionally, some minor internal improvements were made, and the Windows binary now also prints in color if outputting to the console."

What's changed

  • Protocol version was updated to 1.5.2.
  • Added a new optional conf file parameter daemon_passthrough_subnets.
  • Changed the way --fast-sync is enforced. Fixes issue #208.
  • Made sure the arm64 static build uses Ubuntu 20 as the base docker image for extra compatibility. Issue #209.
  • Made the Windows build output color to the console. Commit 40a27ed.
  • Miscellaneous internal fixups and cleanup.
    • Fixed some GCC 13 compiler warnings. Commit 40a27ed.
    • The testing code for --bench mempool now can download real coins from a bitcoind daemon (optionally) to go along with the mempool.dat file it ingests. Commit 74338ba.

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