Zeus v0.8.0-beta3: New Branding & Fixes

Zeus is a self-custodial mobile Lightning wallet with an embedded node, Lightning service provider, and self-custodial lightning addresses. It can also be used as mobile Bitcoin/Lightning node manager and wallet app for LND, CLN, and Eclair.

Zeus v0.8.0-beta3: New Branding & Fixes

What's new in beta3

  • New branding
  • Bug fixes
  • Korean language support

v0.8.0 Highlights

  • Embedded LND node
  • OLYMPUS by ZEUS 0-conf channel service
  • ZEUS PAY self-custodial lightning addresses, using Zaplocker
  • Simple Taproot Channels
  • Contact book

What's Changed

Full Changelogv0.8.0-beta2...v0.8.0-beta3

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