Block 804962: Important News of the Week

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Block 804962: Important News of the Week

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Mining stats

  • Bitcoin mining difficutly has adjusted upwards by more than 6% and reached a record 55.62T.
  • The 7 day (MA) hashrate has surpassed 400 EH/s.

Lightning stats

  • The Lightning network capacity has gone up by more than 60 BTC this week and is currently reaching 4758 BTC.
  • The number of network nodes and channels declined by approximately 1% as there are over a 100 nodes and 700 channels less compared to the week before.

Nostr stats

  • The number of Primal users increased by over 3000 during the last 7 days, per
  • Per stats, active daily users writing events went up to 8500 in the recent days, while the number of active weekly users dropped slightly below 20000.