Core Lightning v23.08: Satoshi's Successor

"We're pleased to announce the 23.08 release of Core Lightning, named by Matt Morehouse."

Core Lightning v23.08: Satoshi's Successor
  • "The August 2023 release has such an overwhelming array of changes we are splitting the release announcement into three separate blog posts: User Experience, Developer Experience, and Experimental Features. The next two will be shared tomorrow and the following day."
  • "Since 23.05, we've had 660 commits by 37 authors in 104 days!"
  • "For a list of all changes, please see the changelog."

Highlights for Users

  • Several pay plugin improvements for better payment reliability.
  • New setconfig command to change config lines dynamically without node restart: limited now, but more coming in future.
  • BIP-93 seed backup support thanks to @adi2011's Summer of Bitcoin project.
  • @Lagrang3 (under a grant from BuildOnLayer2) implemented Pickhardt Payment in a new experimental renepay plugin (and corresponding renepay command) offers a much more sophisticated method of making payments (and much more experimental!).

Highlights for the Network

  • Per-channel ignorefeelimits setting for getting fee disagreements unstuck.
  • Taproot address support: now the default for change addresses.
  • Preemptive failure of incoming HTLCs if the outgoing is stuck due to high fees, to avoid channel loss.
  • Dual-funding has been tweaked to the latest spec, but it's still experimental.
  • The new experimental-splicing option implements the new splicing draft to move funds in and out of live channels.

Highlights for Developers

  • A new wait command supports invoices, along with listinvoices allowing ordering and pagination (with more commands to come!)
  • pay supports self-payment: you can pay your own invoices.
  • pay int a bolt11 with a description hash without providing a description has been temporarily undeprecated (but descriptions now work properly with \ in them now!).
  • Experimental builds are no longer required: all experimental features are now explicit runtime options.
  • User-defined tracepoints have been added to the a few paths, to help with tracing bottlenecks in production systems.

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