Electrum v4.4.6: Security Upgrade

Electrum is a lightweight Bitcoin and Lightning wallet for all desktop platforms and Android.

Electrum v4.4.6: Security Upgrade
  • "This release fixes several lightning-related security issues. We will disclose these in 3 weeks; in the meantime, please upgrade."

What's new


  • security fix: multiple lightning-related security issues have
    been fixed. We will disclose these in detail on 2023-09-11.
    These release notes will also be updated at that time.
  • fix: cannot sweep from channel after local-force-close, if using
    imported channel backup (#8536). Fixing this required adding a
    new field (local_payment_pubkey) to the channel backup
    import/export format and bumping its version number
    (v0->v1). Both v0 and v1 can be imported, and we only export v1
    backups. When you force close a channel, the GUI will prompt you
    to save a backup. In that case, you must export the backup using
    the updated Electrum, and not rely on a backup made with an older
    release of Electrum.  Note that if you request a force close from
    the remote node or co-op close, you do not need to save a channel
  • fix: we would sometimes attempt sending MPP even if not supported
    by the invoice (2cf6173c)


  • fix lnurl-pay when config.BTC_AMOUNTS_ADD_THOUSANDS_SEP is True

Hardware wallets:

  • Trezor: support longer than 9 character PIN codes (#8526)
  • Jade: support more custom-built DIY Jade devices (#8546)


  • include AppStream metainfo.xml in tarballs (#8501)
  • fix: exceptions in some callbacks got lost and not logged (3e6580b9)

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