Nostree v0.1.2: Linktree Style Nostr Client

Nostree is a nostr based application to create and manage link lists, show notes, and other stuff.

Nostree v0.1.2: Linktree Style Nostr Client
  • "Nostree is a linktree style client a la nostr that allows you to create, and manage lists of links that you can share with anyone."
  • "You can create as many lists as you like and they will be displayed in your profile (you can also edit or even delete the lists)."
  • "Nostree also shows your latest notes and articles, the idea is that it becomes a good presentation card for you on nostr."

What's new in v0.1.2

"The main changes are list slugs, unique identifiers, docs, more shareability, the change of kind for lists, and many ux improvements."

  • Slugs. "With it you can use slugs to identify your lists, this results in very friendly urls, like for example , or Another feature of using slugs is that you can group several lists together using the same slug in both lists."
  • "You can change the slug of your lists at any time."
  • Unique ids/naddr links. "These are unique urls for your lists, they use nostr standards (nip19) to work, and compared to slugs they will always point to a unique list."
  • More shareability. "Now automatically if your nostr address/nip05 is valid it will be used in the url, instead of your npub. Also when sharing links of your page."
  • Docs. "New docs page to help with questions about
    using nostree ("
  • New kind for lists. "From now on all
    lists will be created with kind30001, so we get more interoperability
    with all the protocol."
  • Interface improvements. "In this version, several interface improvements have been included to make nostree easier and more intuitive to use. Among the most notable are the sharing drawer, which you can find in each list and use to share your list, both from the slug and the naddr link."

"Thanks to @Niel Liesmons for the design proposals, and feedback, and to all of you who have been contributing with zaps, feedback, ideas and so on."

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