Block 840075: Important News of the Week

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Block 840075: Important News of the Week

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Updates and releases


Mining stats

  • The Bitcoin network has entered its 5th epoch following bitcoin halving which occurred on block height 840000. The event has prompted extremely high network fees, and miners are reaping record block rewards as a result.
  • The average network's hashrate (7-day SMA) has jumped up to ~636 EH/s.
  • The next Bitcoin difficulty adjustment is expected in ~600 blocks or approximately 4 days.

Lightning stats

  • Lightning network capacity has gone up to 4700 BTC in recent days.

Nostr stats

  • Nostr 'real' user count is on a growth spurt and nearing 1 million, per stats. The protocol also surpassed 200 million of events written by over 35 million pubkeys.