tbDEX v1.0: Open Source Liquidity and Trust Protocol

tbDEX enables wallet applications to connect liquidity seekers with providers and equips all participants with a common language for facilitating transactions.

tbDEX v1.0: Open Source Liquidity and Trust Protocol
  • "The first major version of tbDEX, an open source liquidity and trust protocol, has been released! SDK implementations of the protocol are available in TypeScript/JavaScript, Kotlin, and Swift enabling integration with Web, Android, and iOS applications," announced TBD.
"tbDEX is architected on Web5 infrastructure, utilizing decentralized technologies such as Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials (VCs) to securely validate counterparty identity and trust, as well as helping to enable compliance with relevant laws and regulations."
  • "tbDEX allows for a permissionless network, meaning you do not need our blessing to use the SDK. It's all open source, so feel free to begin building with tbDEX today!"

Key Features

For Financial Institutions

  • Provide a static list of offered currency pairs and payment methods
  • Specify the required credentials the customer must provide in order to transact
  • Provide real-time quotes based on the financial transaction the customer is requesting as well as the payment methods selected
  • Provide status updates on orders
  • Indicate if the transaction was completed successfully or not

For Wallets

  • Obtain service offerings from PFIs to determine which meet your customers' needs
  • Initiate exchanges with PFIs
  • Present verifiable credentials to PFIs on behalf of your customers
  • Receive real-time quotes and place orders
  • Receive status updates on orders
  • Cancel an exchange

For Issuers

  • Create decentralized identifiers for PFIs, Issuers, and Wallet users
  • Issue verifiable credentials
  • Verify credentials

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