RGB v0.11.0-beta5 Has Been Released

RGB is a system of private and scalable client-validated smart contracts on Bitcoin and Lightning developed by LNP/BP Standards Association.

RGB v0.11.0-beta5 Has Been Released
  • "LNP/BP Standards Association is happy to announce the fifth beta release of RGB protocol version 0.11."
"This is another milestone on the stabilization of the new v0.11 RGB version. It is the first complete beta release of both consensus-level libraries, standard libraries and tools happening in 2024, opening a way for independent developers integrating with RGB to test all the new functionality."
  • "RGB v0.11 is an evolution of the protocol coming with a lot of bug fixes and improvements, further enhancing RGB smart contracting capabilities. It will be the first version which will be audited by independent auditors, after which it can be considered by third-party issuers for the use in production."

The main features shipping in v0.11 will be:

  • Wallet integration right into RGB runtime and command-line tool;
  • Basic support for Liquid sidechain, with ability to add more alternative scalability layers in the future;
  • Scripting, with new state introspection codes and RGB assembly compiler;
  • Initial support for Contractum language;
  • Ability to inherit interfaces (multiple inheritance!);
  • Support of Electrum RPC additionally to Esplora REST, present before;
  • Commitments to issuer and developer identities embedded into contracts, interfaces, libraries;
  • More compact consignments and better ASCII armoring.

What's next

  • "With Beta 5 release RGB development enters a new phase of preparation for a public preview of the RGB v0.11."
  • "The public preview will be a feature-complete version which will be used by external auditors for evaluating the safety of the protocol. At the same time app devs and users will be able to complete integration of RGB without expecting major API or consensus break with the release."

You can read more about RGB on its official site and in FAQ.

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