eNuts v0.4.0-beta: Scan & Paste LNURLs

eNuts is a mobile cashu wallet for Android and iOS.

eNuts v0.4.0-beta: Scan & Paste LNURLs
  • "eNuts v0.4.0-beta has been released," announced the project.
  • The release includes support for LNURL-Pay through copy/paste and QR code scans, translation and minor UI fixes.
"Thanks everyone for the fantastic feedback and contributions! Really appreciate it," said the project.

What's new

  • Added support for bech32 lnurl encoding/decoding allowing to scan/paste lnurls by @starbackrdev and @KKA11010 in #323 and #324
  • Fixes translation issues by @viragur in #316
  • Minor UI fixes related to android and ios conditional rendering by @KKA11010 in #328
  • Adds a loading indicator while a mint is being added by @KKA11010
  • Fixes going back to dashboard from invoice QR screen by @KKA11010
  • Fixes a bug in the restore-success screen (was requesting a restore again after leaving the success-screen) @KKA11010
  • UI shows pending lightning invoices in history by @KKA11010 in #339
    • Pending invoices are checked once on app start and can be manually checked in the history entry.

Improving project maintainability:

  • Added the first end-to-end test using the Detox lib by @KKA11010 🎊 in #330
  • Added an android-build CI workflow which also runs the detox tests by @BilligsterUser 🎊 in #330
  • Updated Expo to the latest version and related expo-dependencies by @BilligsterUser 🥇 in #325

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