Satoshi 7B: Open-Source Bitcoin-Centric Large Language Model

"We are proud to announce that this model is open source and freely available for anyone to use, modify, and enhance."

Satoshi 7B: Open-Source Bitcoin-Centric Large Language Model
  • "The Spirit of Satoshi team is proud to release Satoshi 7B, the most “based” large language model in the world. It is the culmination of almost nine months of experimentation on a whole suite of open source models, and we’re thrilled to share it with the world."
  • Satoshi 7B is a large language model fine-tuned on a Q&A dataset related to Bitcoin principles, technology, culture, in addition to Austrian economics and non-woke political perspectives. It is intended for use as a bitcoin education, culture and economics assistant.
"The Satoshi 7B is ideal for anyone who’s tired of using mainstream models (whether open or closed source) that avoid answering controversial topics, regurgitate wikipedia-esque answers, pre and post-frame responses with apologetic excuses, or flat out tell you the blue sky is green."
  • "As a demonstration, we’re providing a model-specifically fine-tuned for chat, which you can try out immediately here."
  • Or you can run it yourself:
    • Download it and use it anywhere (including locally) with our reference implementation;
    • Deploy it on any cloud (AWS/GCP/Azure);
    • Use it on HuggingFace.
  • "Thank you to the entire community, and in particular our patrons. Your support helped make this happen. Stay tuned for more!"

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