Mutiny Wallet v0.6.5: Atlantis Federation Fix

Mutiny is an open-source, self-custodial bitcoin, Lightning and Fedimint wallet. Available on the web, Android and iOS.

Mutiny Wallet v0.6.5: Atlantis Federation Fix
  • "0.6.5 rolling out now which fixes an issue with the Bitcoin Atlantis federation. If you had this issue, please let us know if it was fixed after you update. Thanks to everyone that submitted logs and described their situation," said the project.
"The best way to use Mutiny right now is with our recent Fedimint integration. On top of high fees, we're also hitting scaling issues. New channels may fail, go offline, and payments may fail to route. We're in the process of integrating additional LSPs. Sorry for the issues," Mutiny's social media account posted earlier this week.

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