Labelbase v2.1.0: Introducing Attachments

Labelbase is a label management service for Bitcoin transactions and addresses. It supports BIP-329, a format for unifying label data. The goal of the project is to offer a convenient solution for managing labels associated with Bitcoin transactions and addresses across wallets and other tools.

Labelbase v2.1.0: Introducing Attachments
  • "We're thrilled to introduce Version 2.1.0 of Labelbase, marking another step forward in our mission to enhance and simplify Bitcoin label management. With this latest update, we're excited to unveil a highly anticipated new feature: Attachments," announced Labelbase.
"The new Attachments feature significantly expands the functionality of Labelbase by allowing you to attach images and files directly to your labels. This enhancement is designed to streamline your workflow and enrich the data associated with each label, ensuring that all pertinent information is easily accessible and well organized."

What's new

  • New extension: Attachments. Attach files and images to your labels. This extension is available only for self-hosted Labelbase instances.
  • PDF and Image viewer.
  • Show a "background task activity indicator" on labels while they are being verified using Electrum.
  • Custom Electrum config for Testnet labelbases.

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