BlueWallet v6.6.2: UI Improvements & Bug Fixes

BlueWallet is a self-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning wallet built with React Native and Electrum. Available on iOS, Android, and macOS.

BlueWallet v6.6.2: UI Improvements & Bug Fixes

What's new


  • ADD: Slide up animation for FloatButton
  • FIX: Multiple UI fixes for PSBT screen
  • FIX: Some screens had Button styling was broken


  • ADD: Do not start analytics native code if disabled
  • ADD: Allow user to cancel reminder in case they are not ready to decide
  • ADD: SSL connection to Widget calls
  • FIX: Disable buttons if menu is visible (#6386)
  • FIX: lower density for animated QRs (closes #3862)
  • FIX: Carousel height was off on Android
  • FIX: Disable privacy switch
  • FIX: Bio unlock was broken
  • FIX: errors when working with multisig seeds with passphrases (rel #6381)

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