Block 841254: Important News of the Week

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Block 841254: Important News of the Week

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The first week of the 5th halving epoch marks an unprecedented period in the history of Bitcoin, privacy, and open-source software. As illustrative as it was of potential challenges Bitcoin may encounter this epoch, it also serves as an important reminder of why so many people are so passionate about Bitcoin and freedom tech - a hope for a more fair, free and secure future built on open standards.

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Mining stats

  • Bitcoin mining difficulty has gone up by 1.99% to 88.10T.
  • The network's hashrate (7-day SMA) is currently at ~639 EH/s.

Lightning stats

  • Lightning network capacity has gone up from 4702 BTC last week to 4752 BTC today.
  • The number of active Lightning nodes has surpassed 13000 again.

Nostr stats

  • The number of Nostr accounts has surpassed 1.4 million, per stats.
  • According to stats, the protocol now has over 26 million pubkeys writing events, over 5 million profiles with a bio, over 2 million profiles with a contact list, 860k profiles that have both a bio and a contact list, as well as 254k profiles with a Lightning address.