Liquid Wallet Kit (LWK): Liquid Wallets Made Easy

Liquid Wallet Kit (LWK) is a collection of Rust tools to build Liquid wallets. The goal of LWK is to provide all the necessary building blocks for Liquid wallet applications development and simplify the life of developers by addressing common pain points of the current tooling.

Liquid Wallet Kit (LWK): Liquid Wallets Made Easy
  • "As Liquid's technical provider, Blockstream is committed to making it easier to build on Bitcoin's second layer. These development efforts have culminated in the new Liquid Wallet Kit (LWK), a collection of Rust tools to build Liquid wallets," announced Blockstream.
"LWK is a young library with an evolving interface that will be polished, improved and extended in the coming months. It is currently pre-1.0, and considered ready for beta testing and community feedback. We encourage developers to try and contribute to LWK, and reach out to us, on GitHub or Telegram."
  • "In the coming months we plan to improve LWK in multiple ways. We want to iterate on the interface of the inner pieces to move towards their stabilization. We also want to provide support for more hardware signers, and define the Liquid version of hardware wallet interface (HWI)."

Key features

  • "LWK leverages recent innovations in the Liquid ecosystem: Liquid descriptors and Partially Signed Elements Transactions (PSET)."
  • "LWK currently has support for lightweight backends, Electrum and Esplora, so users are not required to sync a full node to get their transactions. Elements backend support is also on the roadmap."
  • "Thanks to CT descriptors, LWK can support a wide range of scripts, starting from singlesig, to generic multisig, to even more complex scripts that might be suitable for certain applications, such as multisig with decaying security and covenant-based scripts."
  • "We also focused on bindings for popular languages, including Python, Swift and Kotlin to ease mobile integration, and WebAssembly (Wasm), which even allows LWK to run in the browser!"
  • "All the features included in LWK are accessible with a CLI application based on a JSON-RPC server. You can install it and start discovering LWK capabilities now."

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