Bisq2 v2.0.3: Fixes & Improvements

Bisq 2 will be the successor to Bisq v1. It is designed to support multiple trade protocols, privacy networks and identities.

Bisq2 v2.0.3: Fixes & Improvements
  • "Bisq v2.0.3 has been released with a number of important improvements and fixes, including allowing buyers who make their own offers to decide the trade price, and making the process more consistent for sellers to acquire reputation," announced the project.

What's new


  • Buyers making offers now decide the trade price! If the seller sets a new price when taking your offer (because they are still running old software), then you can decide whether to proceed or reject/cancel the trade (with no violation of trade rules in this case).
  • If you haven't noticed, you can add your most-used markets as favourites! Do that by clicking on the empty star when hovering on a market.


  • Reputation is now consistent and your stars will only go up as you burn/lock more BSQ. More changes in this area to come soon!
  • We have also worked in the overall network stability and connectivity.

Bug fixes

  • We have worked very hard to fix all the bugs you have reported (and more) on Github and in the chats. Please keep your feedback coming!
  • System notifications have been improved on Windows, so if you had disabled them because they were too noisy - turn them on again and let us know your remarks.

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