Finney by Nunchuk: Bitcoin Wallet for Families

"Finney lets your family hold the reins, ensuring complete financial autonomy and security. With Finney, one can enlist one’s own family to hold a backup key, or backup keys, instead of relying on a trusted third-party," said Nunchuk in a blog post.

Finney by Nunchuk: Bitcoin Wallet for Families
  • "We are thrilled to unveil Finney—a revolutionary Bitcoin wallet designed for families seeking security and financial autonomy. Say goodbye to third-party dependencies," announced Nunchuk.

Key Features

  • Flexible wallet configurations. Finney includes 2 wallet configurations — 2-of-3 and 3-of-5 multisig — and supports various usage scenarios, such as:
    • One Person, One Key: Equal rights and responsibilities for all.
    • Majority Owner: Central control with familial support.
    • Blind Co-Signer: Optimal privacy with selective transaction visibility.
    • Observer: Perfect for external auditors or those needing view-only access.
  • Comprehensive Key Health Checks system. "You can health check any type of key; request co-signers to health check their keys and send health reports to the group; and soon, set up automatic reminders."
  • Device Support. "Finney is compatible with more than 10 types of keys immediately out of the gate, so you can pick the types of keys that are most optimal for your group."
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  • Messaging. "Finney includes a built-in messaging system to help you easily communicate with your family, directly inside the app."
  • Privacy. "Only emails are required to set up individual accounts. In Finney group chats, messages are configured to automatically disappear (after 1 day, 7 days or 30 days). Users also have the option of connecting to their own full nodes."

"Sign up now at and take the first step towards financial self-sovereignty. For inquiries or feedback, please contact us at," was stated in the announcement.

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