Zeus v0.9.0-alpha1 Rolls Out to Community Sponsors

ZEUS is a mobile Bitcoin/Lightning wallet and remote node manager for LND and Core Lightning. ZEUS is built on TypeScript and React Native. It runs on both Android and iOS.

Zeus v0.9.0-alpha1 Rolls Out  to Community Sponsors
  • "ZEUS v0.9.0-alpha1 is now rolling out to community sponsors," announced the project.
"Want to become a community sponsor? Check out our sponsor board here. Already a community sponsor? Please reach out to us through the account you linked to get access to the program, if you have not received it already."
  • "Sponsors also get their Nostr or X profile displayed on our website and in the app."
  • The latest beta version of Zeus, v0.8.4-beta2 is now also available to anyone who wants to test it.

What's new (v0.9.0)

  • Watch-only account import (xpub);
  • Hardware wallet / signing device support (Coldcard Q, Seedsigner, Passport Foundation etc.);
  • Batch channel opens;
  • Batch on-chain txs;
  • Close channels to external addresses;
  • Improved payment path view.
  • More features will be released throughout the closed alpha program.

What's new (v0.8.4-beta2)

  • Ability to select wallet/node on start-up
  • Currency conversion: Silver (XAG) + Gold (XAU)
  • Password page: improve layout
  • Revamped Pub theme
  • UI improvements
  • Bug fixes

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