NDK v2.8: 'Fast and Steady'

NDK is a Nostr Development Kit that makes the experience of building Nostr-related applications, whether they are relays, clients, or anything in between, better, more reliable and overall nicer to work with than existing solutions.

NDK v2.8: 'Fast and Steady'
  • "I'm happy to announce the release of NDK 2.8 which comes with a plethora of new performance improvements, threading capabilities and many many other things," announced PABLOF7z.

What's new

  • Optimistic Signature Verification. "NDK can now be configured to perform signature verification of events asynchronously. This means that events are assumed to be valid and pushed to a queue."
  • Threaded Signature Verification. "Signature verification can be offloaded to a web worker (meaning that it runs on it's own thread) with the workers/sig-verification that comes with NDK. Other web workers can be implemented and hooked to NDK."
  • Dexie Cache Adapter Improvements. "This cache adapter now works mostly as an LRU in-memory cache; while using IndexDB mostly just as a persistence storage."
  • Threading. "This release includes a bunch of helper functions that should make proper thread rendering incredibly obvious."

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