El Salvador's Chivo Wallet Source Code & VPN Access Leaked

Hacker group CiberInteligenciaSV leaked snippets of Chivo wallet's source code and VPN access information.

El Salvador's Chivo Wallet Source Code & VPN Access Leaked
  • According to The Block, the hackers released the stolen information to the public to punish the Salvadoran government for refusing to engage with them. It's unclear what the hackers want to discuss with El Salvador officials.
"This time I am bringing you the code that is inside the Bitcoin Chivo Wallet ATMs in El Salvador, remember that it is a government wallet, and as you know, we do not sell, we publish everything for free for you,” CiberInteligenciaSV said in a post.
  • The files reportedly contain snippets of the wallet's code and VPN credentials associated with the Chivo Wallet's ATM network.
  • The group recently disclosed the personal data of approximately 5.1 million Salvadorans in a separate exploit. This is part of a series of extensive database leaks containing various records from the country.

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