What Are Silent Payments, Bounties & More

Silent payments allow users to share a single address without sacrificing privacy by generating a unique key that only the sender and receiver can identify. What Are Silent Payments, Bounties & More
  • "I've built out a website with all of that info and more to do what I can to speed up Silent Payments adoption," announced Seth for Privacy.
  • Silent Payments proposal (BIP-352) has been merged into the BIP repository a few weeks ago, meaning that wallet developers may want consider adding it to their projects.

Key advantages of Silent Payments include:

    • Simpler user experience. "Users just need to worry about a single, static address instead of the hurdles of generating new addresses for every receive."
    • Better receiver privacy. "Address re-use with Silent Payments is impossible, as no two senders can generate the same on-chain address."
    • Better sender privacy. "Receivers have no way of connecting sends from the same receiver together, providing better privacy for even the sender."
    • No server required. "Anyone with a wallet supporting Silent Payments can receive funds without address reuse, without communication, and without running complex infrastructure."

Library implementation bounties for silent payments can be found here.

  • You can already play with Silent Payments using Silentium and multicoin Cake Wallet. Silent Payments are still new, so be cautious when trying out new implementations with real funds.
  • Multiple projects and libraries are already working on Silent Payments, including SeedSigner, BlueWallet, and others.