RoninDojo v2.1.4: Regroup, Rebuild, Return

RoninDojo is an Installation Assistant and Administration Tool for Samourai Wallet's Dojo, Indexer, and related tools.

RoninDojo v2.1.4: Regroup, Rebuild, Return
  • "Since April 24th, 2024, we've experienced significant changes and challenges. From legal guidance to the forced repository move, we've faced it all. But we are excited to announce that we are back in action," was announced in a blog post.
"With everything back on track, we are refocusing on v2.2.0, enhancing backup drive functionality to simplify upgrading to a 2TB+ drive."
  • In another blog post update, RoninDojo team also shared that the Samourai Wallet indictment resulted in their team shrinking 'significantly in size,' and that the project will be retiring its Tanto plug-and-play node.
"The Tanto has served us and the community extremely well. Thus, with a heavy heart, we believe it is time to turn our focus to the future. This was product decision made well before the indictments, and is in-line with our roadmap. With the decision of selling hardware, came the responsibility of supporting it, which takes away our focus from having our software compatible with more than what we sell," the team said.
  • "We have no intention of dropping support for our Tanto users. Our software and our team will continue to officially support Tantos through to the end of 2025," was explained in a blog post.
"With v3.x we will completely re-write, re-design, and re-structure RoninDojo to be faster, more efficient, and compatible with more platforms to serve anyone using a Raspberry Pi, to a Tanto, to a beefed up x86 server."

What's new

  • Removed all references to Whirlpool. "Due to the shutdown of the Whirlpool coordinator, we've removed all Whirlpool references from both the CLI and RoninUI until further notice."
  • Disabled some feature installations until stable. "Additionally, some features are temporarily disabled while we work on re-implementation. These include the Whirlpool Stat Tool and Boltzmann Calculator."
  • Updated repo links to onion urls. "We've successfully migrated to a self-hosted, onion-only Gitea repository to enhance security for our team and users."
  • Moved upgrade code to a new api script. "A major improvement is that users can now upgrade their RoninDojo backend directly from RoninUI."
  • "Additionally, an updated canary to include all sites in our control, the new code repository (requires tor browser), and all PGP keys can be found here. This will be where we will host these files moving forward."

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