How to Make Use of BOLT12 in LDK

Jeff Czyz from Lightning Dev Kit wrote a walkthrough on BOLT12, explaining what it is and how one can make use of it in LDK.

How to Make Use of BOLT12 in LDK
  • "BOLT12 is a new payment protocol for Lightning that offers enhanced privacy, reusable payment codes, refunds, and much more, all natively over the Lightning Network."
  • No additional servers are required. This is all possible using new technologies like onion messages and route blinding.
BOLT12 specification defines "an offer that can be considered a precursor to an invoice. It contains less data than an invoice and is smaller to display as a QR code. Optionally, it may contain blinded paths—more on that in a moment. Someone scanning an offer sends an invoice request to the intended recipient, who replies with an invoice containing a unique payment hash."
  • This guide explores how to make use of BOLT12 in LDK.

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