Silentium: Proof of Concept for Silent Payments Light Wallets

Silentium is a free and open-source, experimental, and privacy-friendly light wallet for sending and receiving Silent Payments with Silentiumd.

Silentium: Proof of Concept for Silent Payments Light Wallets
  • "Introducing Silentium. The easiest Bitcoin wallet to experience the future of Silent Payments. One static address, without the privacy concerns," announced Louis Singer on X.
  • Silentium is mobile first Progressive Web App (PWA). Install it everywhere, access it from any browser at Silentiumd is a public indexer. It stores and serves BIP352 public data.
"Special thanks to Vulpem Ventures sponsoring the infrastructure for the first Silentium server. Add BIP352 support in your wallet today:," added the developer.
  • Learn more about Silent Payments (BIP-352) here.

Key features

  • Mobile first Progressive Web App.
  • Your keys, your coins.
  • Only the receiver and the sender may link a transaction with the wallet address.
  • Connects to a server digesting blocks and serving to you the tweak data you need. It does not expect any of your keys, and drastically reduce the bandwidth you need to run a Silent Payments wallet.
  • Privacy focused (no tracking, no analytics, silentiumd can't track your utxos or transactions). Use compact block filter (BIP158) to fetch utxos and transactions.

GitHub Repo (wallet)
GitHub Repo (Silentiumd)