Web of Trust: Navigating the Social Graph

"This is a comprehensive yet superficial paper, as it touches on many different areas without exhausting any...More importantly, it aims to help the reader understand the significant impact this exciting new field can have on the Web, although not without its risks," writes @Pippellia.

Web of Trust: Navigating the Social Graph
  • "The emergence of decentralized social networks with sovereign identities (e.g. Nostr) is a pivotal moment for the web, and it comes at the perfect time."
"In the age of AI, where it's getting cheaper and cheaper to impersonate people, distort videos and images, or just make them up, how is it possible to know what's true? What does truth even mean these days?"
  • "In this paper, you will find a definition of the social graph, principles for thinking about it, and practical ideas for using it for DoS prevention, social discovery, anti-impersonation, accurate ratings, and more."
  • "You will also learn about alternative mechanisms that can be used in conjunction with social graph analysis to provide more compelling and complete solutions."

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