RoboSats Is Decentralizing: How To Become RoboSats Federation Coordinator

"RoboSats is a Free and Open Source project, anyone can spin up a new RoboSats backend instance. This is in fact ideal, given that the more backend instances there are, the more decentralized RoboSats becomes and the harder it is to stop."

RoboSats Is Decentralizing: How To Become RoboSats Federation Coordinator
  • "The RoboSats Federation is a set of rules that allow multiple RoboSats instances to work together under a unified client app."
"The federated client app joins the order book of every coordinator, users can seamlessly interact with any coordinator, track the coordinator reputation, verify transparently devFund donations, and more."
  • The goal is to release the federated app in version v0.6.0 as the new standard RoboSats client.

Who can become a RoboSats coordinator in the federation?

  • "Anyone. However, bear in mind it's a market, you will need to gain the trust of robots and failing to satisfy users of your instance might exclude you."

How to become part of the Federation and be included in the RoboSats app?

  • "Simply open a new issue in GitHub and select the form "Coordinator Registration". You can preview the Coordinator Registration form here."
  • "Coordinator registrations are always OPEN . All fields can be updated or completed later through pull requests. Don't worry about getting everything perfect initially. It's okay if your data policy, privacy policy, node ids, and endpoints aren't fully defined or are subject to change."
  • "The easiest way to run a RoboSats coordinator is by using our Docker image releases (see Github Release). That's it, there are no more guides at the moment so it requires a fair bit of technical knowledge as of now."
  • "The details of how to wire everything will vary depending on your existing infrastructure. You will find help on our Matrix Development group."

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