Block 778990: Important News of the Week

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Block 778990: Important News of the Week

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  • Bitcoin Core Maintainer Marco Falke Steps Down
  • BlueWallet Shutting Down Custodial Lightning Wallet on April 30th: Remove Funds ASAP
  • CashApp Users Bought $7.11 Billion Worth of Bitcoin in 2022
  • SeedSigner v0.6.0: SeedSigner OS Custom Linux Operating System
  • COLDCARD Mk4 Firmware v5.1.1: MicroSD 2FA, Tapsigner Import, and More
  • CoinJoin Plugin Launched for BTCPay Server
  • Stack Wallet v1.5.44: BIP47 PayNyms Support - First Wallet to Support BIP47 on iOS
  • Sparrow Wallet v1.7.3: Bitcoin Secure Multisig Setup and More
  • BTCPay Server v1.8.0: Custom Checkout Forms, Store Branding Options, Address Labeling, and More
  • Block, Parent Company of CashApp, Details Global Self Custody Wallet Plans: Mobile App + Hardware Wallet + Local Fiat Partners
  • Nunchuk and Coinkite Announce Strategic Partnership
  • The Naira Crisis Is Fueling Bitcoin Adoption In Nigeria

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