CoinJoin Plugin Launched for BTCPay Server

BTCPay Server is a free and open source Bitcoin payment processor which allows you to accept bitcoin without fees or intermediaries.

CoinJoin Plugin Launched for BTCPay Server
  • Merchants who use BTCPay Server can easily enable it in settings.
  • Uses Wasabi Wallet’s WabiSabi coinjoin coordination protocol.
  • The main coordinator run by ZKSnacks submits inputs to a chain surveillance firm. Fortunately, this plugin allows you to choose a different coordinator or run your own.
  • By default, if you run your own coordinator all fees are donated to HRF and OpenSats development funds but you have the ability to configure the fee structure. Built in nostr integration will enable coordinator discovery and a free market based on fees, liquidity, and reputation.
  • The plugin allows users to participate in different coinjoin rounds across multiple coordinators at the same time.
  • The plugin also offers payment batching in coinjoin feature. Using scheduled payouts, users are able to pay addresses directly within a coinjoin transaction, which saves block space and provides greater privacy.