Sparrow Wallet v1.7.3: Bitcoin Secure Multisig Setup and More

Sparrow is a free and open source desktop bitcoin wallet focused on security and privacy.

Sparrow Wallet v1.7.3: Bitcoin Secure Multisig Setup and More
  • Implement Bitcoin Secure Multisig Setup (BSMS) for keystore export and wallet import/export
  • Configure a block explorer URL in General Preferences to enable opening a transaction in the browser
  • Warn and request user confirmation before enabling use of a BIP39 passphrase
  • Upgrade to HWI 2.2.1 to fix signing of segwit multisig transactions on Trezor
  • Add output descriptor QR scanning from the Wallet Import dialog
  • Improve UX of BIP39 wallet discovery on Bitcoin Core
  • Display UTF8 strings encoded into scripts in transaction viewer (displays OP_RETURN text)
  • Recompile secp256k1 on MacOS 10.13.6 to support legacy hardware
  • Show HWI signature verification errors
  • Read and throw HWI error stream if stdout empty
  • Use default ports for Bitcoin Core if absent
  • Avoid using zst compression on .deb packages
  • Add minfeerate parameter to BIP78 payjoin URLs
  • Extend request timeout to 120 seconds for the PayNym API
  • Support converting xprvs in output descriptors to xpubs
  • Upgrade jlink plugin to support Java 19
  • Add StartupWMClass to linux .desktop file to avoid temporary icon (@secondl1ght)
  • Switch bitcoind client from named to array parameters to support btc-rpc-proxy with Cormorant
  • Bug fix: Only use configured proxy when connecting to onion addresses with Cormorant
  • Bug fix: Fix UX when changing the port for an aliased server
  • Bug fix: Fix Taproot signature hashing for single|anyonecanpay sighash flags
  • Bug fix: Fix error when receiving a Stowaway to a Postmix account by reverting to receiving to the master wallet
  • Bug fix: Add lock menu item to all wallets with a password on Terminal, not just hot wallets
  • Bug fix: Fix keystore encryption issue when changing the password on a wallet with freshly added accounts
  • Bug fix: Improve BIP47 payment address secret point validation (@SamouraiDev)

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