Zeus v0.8.2: 0-conf LSP Support for LND REST, PoS Print Receipts, Enhanced Recovery Interface

This release features LSP support for remote connections, Point of Sale receipt printing, expanded currency rate conversion features, improved UI/UX around wallet recovery, and other improvements.

Zeus v0.8.2: 0-conf LSP Support for LND REST, PoS Print Receipts, Enhanced Recovery Interface
  • "We're proud to announce the wide availability of ZEUS v0.8.2, including on the Apple App Store, and Google Play," announced Evan Kaloudis in a blog post.
  • "Work is already underway on v0.8.3 and v0.9.0:
    • v0.8.3 will revolve around enhancements including custom icons for node configurations and more granular Neutrino peer options.
    • v0.9.0 is going to have a lot functionality we dreamed of having when we first started working on ZEUS over five years ago. We'll leave it at that for now."

What's new

  • 0-conf LSP support for LND REST connections. "Users of platforms like Umbrel, Start9 Embassy, Voltage, and RaspiBlitz now have the option to use our LSP to get connected to the lightning network, removing the need to manually open up channels on their own."
  • Point of Sale: Print receipts [Android only]. "For our Android users, the Point of Sale interface now has the ability to print paper receipts. For those looking for an Android POS device with a printer, check out the Bitcoinize POS Machine."
  • New multi-currency conversion tool. "v0.8.2 features a new multi-currency conversion tool that allows you to compare prices across multiple currencies at the same time. Change any field, and the rest will change."
  • 33 new fiat currency conversions. This release also adds support for 33 currency conversion rates.
  • Enhanced wallet recovery interface. "Seed input is now split into 24 fields, with filtering and suggestions of values from the BIP 39 wordlist. Invalid words - ie. those not on the list - are not allowed and users are prompted now if a seed is invalid due to a failed checksum."
  • Default channel opening settings. "We heard that some users were frustrated that ZEUS doesn't announce channels that are opened in the app, by default. While we are sticking with this default to help promote privacy on Lightning, we are introducing a new Channels settings view that will allow users to set their preference."
  • New invoice expiration picker interface. "Users can set a custom expiration time in various time units (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks) for their Lightning invoices, or pick from a few handy presets."
  • Sorting and filtering added to hop picker. "Use ZEUS to circularly rebalance your node? We just made it a little bit easier in v0.8.2 by adding sorting and filtering to the hop picker component!"
  • New success animation on Send and Receive. "Just a little bit more eye candy that aligns more with the design elements we introduced in v0.8.0..."
  • LND v0.17.4-beta.

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