LND v0.17.4-beta: Bug Fix Release

The Lightning Network Daemon (LND) is a complete implementation of a Lightning Network node developed by Lightning Labs.

LND v0.17.4-beta: Bug Fix Release
  • "This is a hot fix release that fixes multiple bugs: Channel open hanging until restart, a memory leak when using polling mode for bitcoind, sync getting lost for pruned nodes and the REST proxy not working when TLS certificate encryption is turned on."

What's new

  • Fix the removal of failed channels. When a pending channel opening was pruned from memory no more channels were able to be created nor accepted. This PR fixes this issue and enhances the test suite for this behavior.
  • Fix an issue that caused memory leak for users running lnd with bitcoind.rpcpolling=1 mode.
  • Fix an issue for pruned nodes where the chain sync got lost because fetching of already pruned blocks from our peers was not garbage collected when the request failed.
  • Let the REST proxy skip TLS verification when connecting to the gRPC server to prevent invalid cert use when the ephemeral cert (used with the --tlsencryptkey flag) expires.
  • Allow callers of ListSweeps to specify the start height.

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