nsecBunker: How To Set Up Your Nostr Keys Management Fortress

"This article aims to illuminate the capabilities of nsecBunker, a tool designed for managing and authorizing Nostr keys. It will also provide a comprehensive guide to aid you in establishing and configuring your very own nsecBunker."

nsecBunker: How To Set Up Your Nostr Keys Management Fortress
  • "To put it simply, nsecBunker is a daemon that facilitates remote event signing. It operates with two types of keys: user keys and nsecBunker keys."
  • "The bunker key interacts with the admin UI and only communicates with the pre-defined (admin) npub. Notably, this key doesn't store sensitive information or hold specific power -- it poses no threat to key material even if compromised."
  • "The user key, on the other hand, is used for signing purposes. These keys are encrypted with a passphrase following the same approach as LND. This passphrase is mandatory every time nsecBunker is initiated, and losing it equates to losing access to the keys."
  • "During setup, the administrator pre-approves a key (or a set of keys) for communication with the nsecBunker. The administrator(s) then create target keys to distribute to the intended users."
  • "These users can interact with the Nostr infrastructure without ever accessing the private keys of the account they're using."
  • "Setting up the nsecBunker may seem intricate at first, but I will guide you step-by-step. Follow along, and you'll have your bunker up and running without a hitch."

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