BDK v1.0.0-alpha.10: Improved Address API, Simplified Esplora API

The BDK libraries aims to provide well engineered and reviewed components for Bitcoin based applications. The Bitcoin Dev Kit developers are in the process of releasing a v1.0 which is a fundamental re-write of how the library works.

BDK v1.0.0-alpha.10:  Improved Address API, Simplified Esplora API
  • "This incremental bi-weekly release improves the address API, simplifies the Esplora API, and introduced new structures for spk-based scanning that will enable easier syncing with electrum/esplora."
  • "It also introduces a new bdk-persist crate, removes the generic T from the Wallet, and makes KeychainTxOutIndex more range based."

What's new


  • Enable blocking-https-rustls feature on esplora client #1408


  • KeychainTxOutIndex methods modified to take ranges of keychains instead. #1324
  • Remove the generic from wallet #1387
    • Changed PersistenceBackend errors to depend on the anyhow crate
    • Remove the generic T from Wallet
  • Improve address API #1402
    • Added Wallet methods:
      • peek_address
      • reveal_next_address
      • next_unused_address
      • reveal_addresses_to
      • list_unused_addresses
      • mark_used
      • unmark_used
    • Removed Wallet methods:
      • get_address
      • get_internal_address
      • try_get_address
      • try_get_internal_address
  • Simplified EsploraExt API #1380
    • Changed EsploraExt API so that sync only requires one round of fetching data. The local_chain_update method is removed and the local_tip parameter is added to the full_scan and sync methods.
    • Removed TxGraph::missing_heights and tx_graph::ChangeSet::missing_heights_from methods.
    • Introduced CheckPoint::insert which allows convenient checkpoint-insertion. This is intended for use by chain-sources when crafting an update.
    • Refactored merge_chains to also return the resultant CheckPoint tip.
    • Optimized the update LocalChain logic - use the update CheckPoint as the new CheckPoint tip when possible.
  • Introduce bdk-persist crate #1412
  • Introduce universal sync/full-scan structures for spk-based syncing #1413
    • Add universal structures for initiating/receiving sync/full-scan requests/results for spk-based syncing.
    • Updated bdk_esplora chain-source to make use of new universal sync/full-scan structures.

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