Guide: How to Become a Lightning Service Provider (LSP)

"I really hope that all those Plebnet node runners are reading this mini guide and give more use to their LN nodes. This liquidity is what is needed right now for regular mobile users," wrote Darthcoin.

Guide: How to Become a Lightning Service Provider (LSP)
  • "I would like to explain some simple steps about how you can offer LN liquidity services for mobile node users."
  • "This could be also that "uncle Jim" scenario, where you are offering LN services for your family and friends, that do not / can't run their own node and just want a way to use LN in a safe and private way, self-custodial."
"This guide is not for noobs! Please, if you do not have a good base knowledge about running public routing nodes, this is NOT for you."
  • "LSPs do not hold user funds! It just provides liquidity. This is NOT custody of users funds, its just a way to provide fast opening channels and good routes for users payments."
  • "This solution is based on Dunder LSP specs, that are open source, made by @hampus , developer of Blixt Wallet. All contributions to improve the code are welcome!"

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