Good Morning Bitcoin - Friday, July 5, 2024

Good Morning Bitcoin is a daily news roundup covering key stories, project updates, releases, guides, research and other Bitcoin and freedom tech-related topics.

Good Morning Bitcoin - Friday, July 5, 2024

GM. It’s July 5, 2024, and while fireworks may have lit up the sky last night, today we're here to light up your inbox with the latest in Bitcoin and freedom tech. These include some notable market moves, interesting project developments, and a long-awaited milestone for some very patient Mt. Gox creditors.

What's happening

  • The German government has moved to sell another 3,000 BTC, while reportedly still holding 40,359 BTC. These coins were seized back in January from the movie piracy website Movie2K, which operated between 2008 and 2013. Tron's Justin Sun has made the following proposal to the German government:
  • Bitcoin mining difficulty experienced another downward adjustment today, decreasing by 5% to 79.5T. This brings the total decline in difficulty to 7.98% since the halving eleven weeks ago, said mononaut.
  • OpenSats granted long-term support to rust-nostr maintainer Yuki Kishimoto.
  • ZapConf, a virtual conference focusing on the Lightning Network and Nostr, will take place on September 21-22, 2024.
  • BTCPay Server announced BTCPay Day Riga, which will happen right after the Baltic Honeybadger and Nostriga conferences on August 26, 2024.
  • The two-factor authentication (2FA) app Authy leaked the phone numbers of 33 million users. Developer Twilio has confirmed the breach and has asked customers to update to the latest version and be alert to sketchy text messages.

Projects and tools

  • Satonomics is a free and open-source, Bitcoin-only, self-hostable suite of tools that computes, distributes, and displays on-chain data for free use.
  • Braiins OS v24.04.2 comes with support for BHB68701-, BHB68703, and BHB68606 hashboards, and improvements in mining efficiency, model detection, and UX.
  • BitBox02 firmware v9.19.0: Now supports Bitcoin payment requests, multisig accounts at arbitrary keypaths, and spending UTXOs at high BIP-44 address indices.
  • LDK Node v0.3.0: The third minor release adds support for BOLT12 payments, Anchor channels, and sourcing inbound liquidity via LSPS2 just-in-time channels.
  • has been launched. It let's users create personal websites from their Nostr content. It's free, open-source, and self-hostable.
  • implemented the first stage of its wallet plans. The changes bring noticeable improvement to stackers using attached wallets.
  • BitKit Wallet v1.0.2 is a maintenance release with a number of improvements and bug fixes.
  • Payto is a Core Lightning (CLN) companion app that can pay to lightning address, LNURL, BIP353 (DNS Payment Instructions), and BOLT12 offers.
  • Strike announced the BOLT 12 Playground, a hands-on testing environment for those interested in exploring BOLT 12.
  • B2P Central is an aggregator of Bitcoin peer-to-peer buy and sell offers from Hodl Hodl, Paxful, Peach Bitcoin, LNp2pBot, and LocalCoinSwap.
  • Fewsats is now open for business. It is a monetization platform for deploying digital content behind paywalls using L402 protocol.

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