Nostr-based Websites for Creators let's users create personal websites from their Nostr content. It's free for anyone getting started, it's open source and self-hostable. Built by Nostr.Band team. Nostr-based Websites for Creators
  • "Please welcome! This is a tool to make yourself a beautiful Nostr-based website. It's been long in the making, and we're thrilled to launch it on this special day," announced @brugeman.
  • "Websites are Nostr events, the themes are open-source Ghost themes published on relays and Blossom servers. does not host your data, it only hosts the code to convert Nostr events to web pages," explains the project's Q&A section.
"While this has been a long time in the making, we’re still in the early beta stage. Some stuff may be rough, won’t work properly and features may be missing. Content management is still a work in progress, please be patient," was stated in the announcement.
  • "We will host your website for free on address. If you want to attach a custom domain and get other benefits, you can switch to a Pro plan. You can also self-host a Nostr site — all the data is on relays, the engine is open-source, and there is no "migration" — it just works, anywhere," the project said.

Key features

  • Style it your way. Pick a theme that fits your audience and your preferences. You’re not limited to showing your content on one particular client.
  • Shareable links. Links to your website look amazing when shared on social media and messenger apps.
  • Great for conversions. A place to attract your audience and measure outcomes using existing web tools.
  • Hassle-free. No complex hosting, maintenance or security issues. Your content lives on relays. Themes are on Nostr relays and Blossom servers. No matter what, your site still works.
  • No duplicate work. Already published on Nostr? displays your Nostr content and you choose which type of content to display!
  • Works like an app. Your website is a progressive web app that can be added to home screen and works offline.
  • Post from any Nostr client. No need to log in to a CMS to check for comments. Everything is on Nostr so it just works from any client.
  • SEO friendly. Your content has proper meta tags and your website is rendered on the server to make sure search engines love it.
  • Self-host if you like. Use our scalable hosting infrastructure or switch to any file hosting like Github Pages.
  • Interoperable. Your website is a Nostr event proposed in NIP-512, themes are proposed NIP-136. Our engine is open-source libnostrsite.

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